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Why Clients
Love Us…

Simply put, clients love us because we treat them like our one-and-only. In a world of slow service and unfulfilled promises, CFO ReStart is a shining light of responsiveness and actionable advice you can count on.

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We've enjoyed working with Laena this year. She has been very receptive to our needs and has been great with the reminders and letting us know what she needed. Looking forward to our continued relationship.
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Wendy was an amazing partner specifically when it came to getting our Mexico office off the ground. She and her team were extremely diligent, detail oriented and played an integral role in standing up our Finance and Accounting Operations. She went above and beyond to help us find solutions to new challenges we faced in the infancy of our new office and I am so grateful for her guidance and assistance.
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CFO ReStart is a consummate professional and great to work with. We have worked together on multiple business valuations and I have found Wendy to be very organized, responsive, and knowledgeable. She provided all of the information that I needed for the valuations on a very timely basis and was very responsive to all of my questions. We have many mutual clients that think the world of her financial services and can’t say enough good things about her. I highly recommend her financial services and I am very much looking forward to my next business valuation project with her.
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We have utilized CFO ReStart for the past 4 years. They have helped us develop our accounting operations to a very high standard and maintaining a high level of accountability. They have assisted us with several acquisitions during their tenure with us so far and they have been a valuable partner that has had a true impact on growing our topline revenue and bottom line profits. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs these services.
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CFO Restart was a tremendous asset to the stability of our company. We have been fortunate to have grown a great deal in the last five years, and have discovered a new set of challenges and a necessary level of sophistication that we were just not prepared for. The CFO ReStart team did a deep penetration of our accounting works to find our errors and correct them. They also developed repeatable policies and procedures for my accounting team that are imperative for a company of our new larger size. CFO ReStart worked quickly, efficiently, and was judicious with their time. Coming out the other end, my comfort level is much greater on our financial health and compliance.
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When I was first referred to CFO ReStart, it was to help our company as a part-time bookkeeper. They did such an amazing job that as the company grew, our full time CFO and Office Manager had them spearhead all of our accounting and finance as well as HR and office management. As such, CFO ReStart is my go-to CFO and have assisted me with two other companies as CFO, accounting and finance consultant, filling in even eclectic roles like our facility security officer. CFO ReStart is unbelievably reliable and always gets the job done. You cannot go wrong if you get them on your team.
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We have been working with CFO ReStart to do some forecasting, budgeting, and investor reporting. They are great to work with, efficient, knowledgeable, and their approaches are quite effective. CFO ReStart works quickly and accurately, and always meets deadlines. I highly recommend them.
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I don’t think you should interview other CFO Vendors. CFO ReStart has done stellar work for other companies where I have recommended them. I think you would be hard pressed to find more hustle and competency for the dollar. I don’t believe they lock people into engagements so if for any reason it doesn’t work out or fit your needs, then you can move on.
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CFO ReStart has been a great help to our small business. We're a month in and we're already getting a clearer financial picture of our company, which is also helping us set a better course moving forward. It's also important to note that CFO ReStart has been helpful beyond the numbers, whether it's reviewing contracts, health plans or other related matters. Running a business is hard, but it's important, (and quite frankly a relief) to be able to turn to CFO ReStart to get the answers we've long needed to know.
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I have worked with CFO ResStart for almost two decades. They were an instrumental part of Altum’s executive team as the company grew to $14M in revenue. You won’t find a more loyal, hard-working, talented, and responsive company than CFO ReStart. They have the ability to wear multiple hats in an organization from operations, and finance to marketing, sales, and strategy. CFO ReStart can help any size organization.
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The CFO ReStart team are finishers, and combined strategic thinking with lightning fast execution.
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I have worked with CFO ReStart for eight years as a business associate/partner. CFO ReStart is great! They are very energetic and are always working to improve things they are involved with. Just recently they were able to connect me with a large real estate investor, whom I have been wanting to meet with. CFO ReStart is one of those companies who get things done and make things happen. I know CFO ReStart is completely devoted and focused. I sincerely think anyone who decides to work with them will be making a great decision.

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